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Welcome to OpenTezos


Starting from Octez release 15.0, the Octez binaries will be named "octez-" (e.g. "octez-client", "octez-node" instead of "tezos-client", "tezos-node"). These renamings are already in place on the "master" branch. The legacy names ("tezos-") are still used in the official documentation for now and will be supported through symbolic links until the majority of users will upgrade to releases >= 15.0.

Welcome Tezos Developers! Explore the technical and economic concepts behind the Tezos Network, experiment with our tutorials, or start building your own Tezos Dapp. Each module will teach you a full concept of Tezos.

See an error somewhere? Fix it with a Gitlab Merge Request here. OpenTezos is a constantly evolving platform that welcome all readers inputs. You can even add a new chapter or module if wish.