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Question 1#

Which year did Nick Szabo invent Smart Contracts?

Question 2#

When was the Bitcoin White Paper released?

Question 3#

Which year were the Ethereum Yellow Paper and the Tezos White Paper released?

Question 4#

How many bitcoins will ever be issued (in millions)?

Question 5#

How many dollars were fundraised for The DAO (in millions)?

Question 6#

How many dollars were stolen from "The DAO Hack" (in millions)?

Question 7#

Which type of consensus is used in Bitcoin?

Question 8#

Which type of consensus was used at Ethereum's launch?

Question 9#

Which type of consensus is used in Tezos?

Question 10#

A Bitcoin miner validates a block when:

Question 11#

On average, a new Bitcoin block is added every:

Question 12#

Bitcoin's Difficulty is calculated every:

Question 13#

If two miners find a valid block, the situation is resolved with the next block to be mined creating:

Question 14#

At Bitcoin's launch, the reward for a block was:

Question 15#

The Bitcoin's "Halving" happens every:

Question 16#

In 2021, the block reward was:

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