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How to use the tzStats blockchain explorer?

In this chapter, we will use the TzStats explorer to illustrate the different features of an explorer, but similar features are usually available on others. Concerning the observation of smart contracts, the different aspects are discussed in the following chapter.

TzStats is developed by Blockwatch Data Inc. It is a block explorer for public and private Tezos networks and, it is based on the TzIndex indexer.

Each Tezos network has its own TzStats version:

TzStats' main features

TzStats has a complete guide available here.

  • Main Dashboard: This page provides a quick view of all the main activity on the Tezos network, e.g. staking activity, gas price, Tez supply, transaction volume, etc. TzStats homepage

    TzStats Main Dashboard
  • Cycle: This page provides general information about a specific cycle number. A cycle is a way of measuring time. Every cycle is equal to 4096 blocks. TzStats webpage about current cycle

    TzStats Cycle Page
  • Block: This page provides general information about a specific block number along with its technical details such as gas used, block health (Endorsed Slots, Missed Priorities and Missed Attestations), etc. TsStats webpage of a block

    TzStats Block Page
  • Network Activity: This page provides a world map with the location of where new blocks are being baked. There is also the list of whales (i.e list of high-value transfers >= $100,000). TzStats webpage about network activity

    TzStats Activity Page
  • Bakers: This page provides the total amount of Tezos bakers. Several lists are also available to gain an overview of the Tezos baker landscape. You can choose between the tabs Public, Top 20, Gainers, Losers, Newcomers, etc. TzStats webpage with a list of bakers

    TzStats Bakers Page
  • Protocols: This page shows the past and current protocol used by Tezos and the overall age of the Tezos blockchain. Refer to the chapter on the history of amendments to understand each protocol. TzStats webpage about protocols

    TzStats Protocols Page
  • Voting: This page shows the past and current elections and indicates when it ends. Refer to chapter on the governance on chain to understand voting. TzStats webpage about the voting period

    TzStats Voting Page
  • Markets: This page provides an overview of the current market activity, e.g. list of exchanges, 1 day's volume, overall market capitalization, etc. TzStats webpage about Tezos in the cryptomarket

    TzStats Markets Page

Here the main features have been presented and, in the next chapter, we will see how to check out your smart contract.