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There are currently four ways to get started with LIGO. You can choose to use a Docker image, a static Linux binary, install packages for your Debian Linux distribution, or you can try directly on the online editor.

Ligo installation

Official Ligo installation page

Online Editor

The online editor is the quickest and easiest way to get started.

You can choose your preferred syntax and write your LIGO instructions directly in the text editor. It is available at in the Try Online tab.

Ligo online IDE webpage

FIGURE 1: Try Online

You can then execute your code by choosing from the following features:

  • Compile
  • Compile Function
  • Deploy
  • Dry Run
  • Evaluate Function
  • Evaluate Value
  • Generate Deploy Script

Drop-down menu: Compile, Compile Function, Deploy, Dry Run, Evaluate Function, Evaluate Value, Generate Deploy Script

FIGURE 2: Online Editor Compilation

Editor Support

Painters need a brush and a canvas. Developers need a good IDE experience. LIGO currently offers support for VSCode, including syntax highlighting and on-the-fly compilation error reporting.

Available extensions: