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The Archetype compiler comes with the Completium CLI. You can deploy and interact with Archetype contracts from the command line.


The CLI is distributed as a npm package:

npm i -g @completium/completium-cli
completium-cli init

Generate an address

The following command generates an address aliased as alice:

completium-cli generate account as alice

You can then fund it on a testnet by following

Deploy and call contract

For example, the following command deploys the escrow.arl contract:

completium-cli deploy escrow.arl --as alice

The following command calls the init entrypoint:

completium-cli call escrow --entry init --amount 5tz --as alice

JS library

The Completium JS library makes it easy to interact with smart contracts from a JS script.

It is used to develop test scenarios that make sure the contract behaves as intended.


const { deploy, getBalance, checkBalanceDelta } = require('@completium/completium-cli')

const test = async () => {
// Scenario
var [escrow, _] = await deploy('escrow.arl')

checkBalanceDelta(alice, 0, async () => {
await escrow.init({ amount: '5tz' }, { as: alice })
await escrow.inc_value({ as: alice })
await escrow.inc_value({ as: alice })
await escrow.complete({ as: alice })


Learn more about Completium's JS API.