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Cloning the repository

This module will use the scripts available on the Github Serokell repository.

We will open a terminal and clone the git repository on our machine.


git clone


git clone


Docker containers will do most of the work for setting up the environment needed for a healthy Tezos deployment.

Docker installation

Docker takes away repetitive, mundane configuration tasks and it is used throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy and portable application development.

If you don't already have docker installed on your machine, you can download Docker Desktop.

Otherwise, go to the next step.

Docker Build

The Dockerfile will be used to build a docker image with all the required Tezos dependencies. Run the following command:

cd private-tezos-blockchain
docker build -t ubuntu-tezos .

The steps in this tutorial will require two docker volumes. Run the following commands:

docker volume create ubuntu-tezos-volume
docker volume create ubuntu-tezos-volume-1

These docker images have ./scripts/ as their entrypoint. This script wraps the and scripts, providing the required paths to the octez binaries stored inside the docker volumes.