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Dapp example

The Bulb demo presented here illustrates how to integrate the crank process in a typescript React Dapp.


The source code of the example is available here

The bulb demo is live at this address.

Buld Dapp webpage: an image of a light bulb

Bulb contract

The bulb is switched on/off by receiving events from the bulb contract. The contract is designed as a simplistic state machine with On and Off states. Two events SwitchedOn and SwitchedOff are defined and emitted respectively by switchOn and switchOff entrypoints:

archetype bulb

states = | On | Off

event SwitchedOn {}

event SwitchedOff {}

transition switchOn() {
from Off to On
with effect { emit<SwitchedOn>({}) }

transition switchOff() {
from On to Off
with effect { emit<SwitchedOff>({}) }

The bulb contract has been deployed on Ithacanet and its address is KT1PKQ76kR1nZSvu5YN41r7GjYcAqGQSrLxg . Click here to view it on Better Call Dev indexer.

Switch on/off

Use the Interact tab in Better Call Dev to switch the bulb on and off.

Better-Call-Dev page of the Dapp smart contract


You cannot switch on (off) a bulb already on (off). You then get the error A FAILWITH instruction was reached with InvalidState.

Hence switch the bulb off (on) first. The event will appear in the event notification anyway.